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Promotional Towel - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Towel is one of the daily important items. Every moment of our lives is full of all kinds of towels whenever we are out for travel, business trips or sports. Towel seems so common that few people would notice it and its big towel family. The categories of promotional towel are various, including pillow covers, beach towel, printed towel, corn fiber towel, bamboo fiber towel, and so on.

Promotional Towel is too ordinary to be considered as advertising gifts by many companies. However, a promotional towel is more durable than any other practical advertising gifts in the poor economic. Firstly, the promotional towel is cheap. Secondly, promotional towel can be used for a long time with high frequency. Promotional Towel imprinted brand or advertising message is eye-catching. Corporate are able to promote your brand in people's every day life through promotional towels.

Ingenuity often brings surprises. McDonald's had changed the shape of the promotional towels and promoted advertising towels, like lollipop shape promotional towel, cake shape promotional towel, ice-cream shape promotional towel, etc.. These colorful and lovely promotional towels are not only successful promotional gifts but also elegant collections. The growth awareness of environmental protections makes the eco-friendly towels be the hot sale products, such as bamboo fiber promotional towels, corn fiber promotional towels, bio-degradable promotional towels. Corporates would show their good images of environmental, and contribute a new environmentally friendly way of life.

SourceEC provide a variety of advertising towels, such as sports towel, beach towel, bath towel, towel gifts, bamboo fiber towel, etc.. Your logo and advertising information is valuable to be printed on the towel. Please call us. We will provide promotional gift advices with our professions.
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