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BrandCharger is the market leader for USB charging devices and one of the first manufactures in the industry with full BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) accreditation. The concept of BrandCharger is simple: Charge up your Brand!

USB Car Chargers

BrandCharger's USB car chargers are portable and easy to use which keep your devices charged on the road. Simply turn your car's 12V outlet or cigarette lighter into a universal charging station for all your mobile devices. Most of the car chargers are double USB power output, which can charger 2 devices at once and work with all USB charging cables.

Portable Battery Packs

BrandCharger's powerbanks makes sure you can juice up you mobile device, anywhere anytime! Simply connect your mobile device to BrandCharger Powerbanks and start charging. It charges most popular portable devices such as all iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry, Galaxy devices, Google Nexus devices, GPS system and many more USB based devices. The big sales kit is the very best LED technology for superior logo visibility, makes these power banks the best brandable battery pack in this industry.
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